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Choose from one of our 2 delicious broths

Vegetarian Pho Broth

The Vegetarian broth is truly one to be excited about.  It's nutrients comes from fresh vegetables and of course uses absolutely NO MEAT.  We rolled up our sleeves and spent quite a bit of time developing the perfect mix of ingredients to produce this clean and satisfying broth.  Simmered for hours daily, this broth takes pho to a whole new level of greatness.  One sip and you will see how pure this broth is.  This broth is not just for the vegetarians, it is for anyone who is looking for something fresh without the mundane.  We challenge any carnivorous meat lover to try it.  You won't want to miss out on our vegetarian broth!

I love the quality ingredients as well as the friendly staff.

Danielle H-D.

My family and I have traveled all over and consider ourselves pho connoisseurs. We really do tell everyone we know this is the best place in the country that we've had so far. Even my 3 yr old loves it and asks for soup almost weekly.
Rhonda B.

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When searching for quality Pho, you look for a clear, aromatic, and flavorful broth.  We have that here at Phubs.  Making quality pho broth is a labor intensive process that we do daily.  We use the highest quality stock and all-natural ingredients.  We take no short cuts, so you can really taste the quality.

Phubs Pho Broth

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Beef Pho Broth

We understand that beef pho broth is king among broth options.  In fact, as reigning king, many pho restaurants offer this as their only broth whether you choose vegetarian or chicken pho.  We use the finest natural ingredients to develop this phubolicious broth.  We simmer our beef broth for over 24 hours(that's right, not a typo!) daily.  This process pulls the goodness from the stock giving us a broth packed with delicious nutrients.