I love the quality ingredients as well as the friendly staff.

Danielle H-D.

My family and I have traveled all over and consider ourselves pho connoisseurs. We really do tell everyone we know this is the best place in the country that we've had so far. Even my 3 yr old loves it and asks for soup almost weekly.
Rhonda B.

Customer Testimonial

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Our menu focuses on healthy eating because we use all-natural ingredients and high quality meats and produce from local farms. Food Quality

We are as transparent as our Pho broth, and adhere to our commitment to use premium, high-quality ingredients.  

Our Focus

We do things a little different at Phubs.  We offer the two most popular Vietnamese dishes in a fast-casual style environment.  Come in and order from our simple menu at the counter, take a number and stop by our condiment bar to grab the essentials to add to your meal.  Get a drink at the fountain station and take a seat and we will take care of the rest.

What we're about