I love the quality ingredients as well as the friendly staff.

Danielle H-D.

My family and I have traveled all over and consider ourselves pho connoisseurs. We really do tell everyone we know this is the best place in the country that we've had so far. Even my 3 yr old loves it and asks for soup almost weekly.
Rhonda B.

Customer Testimonial

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Everything in a Beef Pho packed into a soft tortilla wrap.  The perfect handheld option to get  your Pho Fix

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try our new: "Phub-rrito" ​​

Hours of Operation

Monday-Saturday: 11:00-9:00pm

Sunday: Closed

1350 Dorsey Rd, Unit J, Hanover, MD 21076

When you're in the mood for something else, choose from Rice, vermicelli, salads and much more!

Our Pho Broth is packed with flavor and nutrients from all-natural ingredients.  Choose between all-beef or all-vegetable broth. 

The meat in these sandwiches are savory and satisfying.  Choose between our 8" or 12" Traditional French Baguette.

Phubs Pho

Banh Mi


What's that? You never heard of Banh Mi? Never slurped noodles from a steaming bowl of Pho? That's about to change.  Welcome to Phubs.

We want to introduce you - our neighbors, friends and patrons- to the food we grew up eating.  It's not about indoctrinating vietnamese culture, it's about serving you the delicious food we have been enjoying our entire lives. 

All of the food served at Phubs is made from our family recipes passed down through generations. We've brought it into the 21st century - making our broth every day to bring it fresh to your table.

Phubs is a Soup-N-Sub Shop, with a Vietnamese spin. 

Uniting authenticity with modernity is the point of difference with Phubs. By offering dishes made with quality ingredients that are full of unique and rich flavors and are easy to eat, in a casual, friendly, modern environment,  Phubs is turning Vietnamese street food into American favorites.

phubs - vietnamese pho and banh mi (subs) in Hanover, MD

vietnamese food

Phubs - Vietnamese Pho and Banh Mi (Subs) in Hanover, MD